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Creative Direction

GE modernized corporate IT — including how to market internal services amid a competitive field. We built a modern infrastructure that allows 540,000 GE innovators to search for, consume and implement technology services to shape the trailblazing apps that power trains, planes and the future of this digital industrial giant.

with great success, comes the need for great calendars

After becoming an IT service provider, GE  supported each business unit with unique product solutions. Our product roadmap sorts all offerings and their anticipated rollout to keep everyone on track.

A New Center of Gravity

To help inspire a thriving culture of IT, we developed an online manifesto for internal CoreTech employees. The narrative compels readers to shift their focus and consider IT a new center of gravity — with magnitude, ambition and vitality.

Creative Direction: Molly Hawthorne
Design: Molly Hawthorne, Becky Lin, Renee Nelson, Joanna Tang
ICON DESIGN: Bailey Parkerson, Becky Lin, Molly Hawthorne
Copywriting: Megan Kwan
Production: Renee Nelson, Becky Lin, Joanna Tang
Development: Greg Hayes, Dustin Carroll, Sam Austin
Account Management: Laura Fidelman, Kacie Crow
strategy: Gus Granger, Molly Hawthorne, Kacie Crow
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